Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Growing older doesn't necessarily mean knowing exactly what you want. In fact, whatever you think you know may just very well be the root of the obscurity. (Almost) 7 months into 2016 and what have I really accomplished?  

Can't wait to travel
Can't wait to experience new things
Can't wait to be able to feel a lot

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ZoukOut2015 (visuals)

thanks SS and Eric bahahahaha

oh glorious rain

Eric and SS found this woo awkward arm and face and mouth but WUTEVZZZ HEHE YAY 

(17 days late)
Overall an awesome experience and I can't wait for the next one already I HOPE IT RAINS AGAIN AND THIS TIME I WILL COME PREPARED WITH MY NEW COOL ZIPLOCK PHONE SHIT AND A CAP and if I ever lose any of the zoukout videos I took I will literally drown myself ok moving on omfgfgfgfggggfgfg why is 2015 coming to an end?!?! And with the start of 2016 drawing nearer - comes

1) studying 
2) stressing over all the shit I don't get 
3) regretting not paying more attention during lectures
4) regretting my decision(s) to skip lectures
5) studying
6) studying
7) funding Starbucks and CBTL 
8) feeling the immense guilt the moment I begin to procrastinate (eg breathe)
9) promising myself that it won't happen the following year 
10) but it still does
11) studying
12) having occasional fits of rage/anxiety attacks like only 200 times a day
13) s t r e s s s sss s sin gggg.......
14) jkfhehfocnncjweirmbckbjeke 

and OF COURSE 15) New Year's Eve countdown hahahahahhaha aite no stress 3rd last day of 2015 U SMILE I SMILE BABY (LEL YES JB'S YOUTUBE PLAYLIST ON THE LOOP what the fuck me)